• Ingredients:


    12 asparagus, trimmed of their woody bases

    3 drops of rapeseed oil

    2 pinches of salt

    Rapeseed mayonnaise

    2 egg yolks

    2 tsp of Maille Dijon Mustard

    500ml of rapeseed oil

    1/2 lemon, juiced




    To make the mayonnaise, place the egg yolks, mustard and lemon juice in a food processor and whizz on a high setting. Turn the machine down to a low setting and slowly add the rapeseed oil - make sure the mixture does not spilt

    Once all the rapeseed oil has been added, turn off the food processor and pour the contents into a small bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste and transfer to the fridge until needed

    Place the asparagus into a large bowl. Pour in a few drops of rapeseed oil and 2 pinches of salt, mix to fully coat the asparagus

    Once your barbecue is ready, place the asparagus onto the grill until well coloured but not black - the asparagus should still have a crunch to them. Serve with the bowl of rapeseed mayonnaise