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    Beetroot Salad

    4 golden beetroots

    150g of goat's cheese

    50g of baby watercress


    10g of cracked black pepper

    50ml of elderflower cordial

    15ml of champagne vinegar

    100ml of extra virgin olive oil

    Sea salt to season




    To make this beetroot salad recipe start by cooking the golden beetroot fully in salted boiling water. Once cooked, allow to cool then peel, cut beetroot into discs or wedges

    Mix the vinegar and cordial together and whisk in the oil. Season and pour over the beetroot and allow to marinade for an hour. Break the cheese into suitable size pieces and roll in the pepper

    Drain off the beetroot, retaining the dressing and plate beetroot interspersed with the cheese, garnish with the watercress. Finally, drizzle the remaining dressing over and serve

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