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    Crab salad

    100g of white crab meat

    1 Granny Smith apple, peeled and finely diced

    20g of fennel, finely diced

    1 tbsp of chopped chives


    1 dash of lemon juice

    Brown crab meat

    50g of brown crab meat

    5 drops of Tabasco

    black pepper

    1 dash of lemon juice, fresh

    Avocado purée

    100g of homemade mayonnaise

    100g of créme fraiche

    30ml of lime juice, fresh

    2 Hass avocadoes, ripe

    10g of wasabi paste

    Smoked salmon

    100g of smoked salmon slices, long

    To serve

    1/4 fennel

    1 lemon


    Sort through the white crab meat, checking for any shell and cartilage, then combine the meat with diced apple, chives and fennel in a bowl and season to taste with lemon juice and salt. Cover and store in the fridge until required

    For the brown crab mixture, ensure there is no shell in the meat before combining with the Tabasco, pepper and lemon juice in a food processor. Blend until smooth, season to taste and store in a squeeze bottle in the fridge until needed

    To prepare the avocado purée, ensure the avocados are perfectly ripe, then place all of the flesh into a food processor with the mayonnaise, créme fraîche, lime juice and wasabi. Blend until smooth, then transfer to a squeezy bottle or small piping bag. Keep in the fridge until required

    Remove the crab salad and avocado purée from the refrigerator 20 minutes before serving

    Using a mandoline, shave the fennel into very thin strips and dress in a small dash of lemon juice

    Divide the smoked salmon onto 4 plates in a circular pattern and arrange the white crab salad on top. Garnish with pipings of the avocado purée and brown crab mixture, along with the shaved fennel and coriander cress. Serve immediately